​Drawing on ethnographic research and interviews with young adults in Seoul and Tokyo, this research seeks to understand why we experience inequality and insecurity in the ways we do at different times and places. 

Published research​

2023 (online first). (with Jiehyun Roh and Jaeseog Yang) "National Patterns of Inequality Coverage: Japanese and South Korean Newspapers, 1990-2021." International Sociology Link to the paper

​2022. “Contradiction as Injustice: How Senses of Inequality Differ Across National Contexts.” Sociology 56(4): 710–729. — Link to the paper Pdf

In this project, I try to understand the personal consequences of the growth of unstable employment for workers and their responses to it. ​

Published research

2023. (with Jaeseog Yang) “Death from Overwork in a Time of Pandemic: How Delivery Work Became a Locus of Public Debate in South Korea.” Journal of Contemporary Asia 53(4): 608-625. Link to the paper

​2019. “Precarious Regular Jobs in Japan.” Japan Forum 33(4):633-657.  — Link to the paper Pdf

l am also working on another project about democracy and right-wing politics in Japan and other East Asian societies, a topic I have been continuously researching since 2011.

Published research

Forthcoming. “New Right-Wing Movement as Alternative Politics.” in Alternative Politics in Contemporary Japan: New Directions in Social Movements edited by D. Slater and P. Steinhoff. University of Hawai'i Press. Link to the publisher

2023 (online first). (with Dr. Myungji Yang). ”Strange Bedfellows: Why Right-Wing Intellectuals in South Korea Chose to Cooperate with Their Country's Former Coloniser.Nations and Nationalism. Link to the paper

2021. (with Dr. Sharon Yoon) “The Rise and Fall of Japan’s New Far-Right: How Anti-Korean Discourses Went Mainstream.” Politics & Society 49(3): 363-402. Link to the paperPdf

2020. (with Dr. Naoto Higuchi) “The Third Round of Immigrant Incorporation in East Asia: An Introduction to Special Issue Friends and Foes of Multicultural East Asia.” Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia 19(2): 1-19. — Link to the paper Pdf

2020. (Guest editor with Dr. Naoto Higuchi) “Friends and Foes of Multiculturalism in East Asia.” Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia 19 (2)Link to the journal

2019. “Becoming Right-Wing Citizens in Contemporary Japan.” Contemporary Japan 31(2): 122-140. — Link to the paper Pdf

Book review

2021. "Review of Japan’s Nationalist Right in the Internet Age: Online Media and Grassroots Conservative Activism by Jeffrey Hall." Contemporary Japan. Online first.  — Link to the paper